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Greg Molkentin has a 200 RYT certification from Yoga Tree in California.  I have been a practitioner since 1994 and my relationship with yoga is continually evolving through a combination of playful exploration and dedicated study. My personal Mysore practice has brought me to the fluid and dynamic practice of Vinyasa yoga.  My principle teachers have been, Stephanie Snyder, Rusty Wells, Les Leventhal, Elise Lorimer, Anna Forest, and Magnolia Zuniga Kriyashakti. My eclectic Vinyasa yoga classes blend mindful flowing posture sequences with breath awareness and meditation to promote physical and emotional well being. I also brings with me over 15 year of meditation experience with 8 years of retreat practice in Kyoto, Japan. 


In my class I emphasizes breath awareness-pranayama and gives modifications based on each practitioners personal needs. My classes are fun, light and physically and mentally challenging.

Workshops/ Events

Wanderlust Squaw Valley

July 18,24, 2013 3 classes




7:00 PM Meditation


Twice a month Vinyasa yoga and hiking; parks around San Francisco.

Substitute Classes

24 Hour Fitness

Aha Yoga


Private classes by appointment

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